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This pet is being adopted under the PawsLikeMe rehoming program but is located in Mansfield, TX.. I adopted Levi from a good friend who raised him poorly, thinking I could do better. He improved greatly with training, but between finances, his lack of training at an early age, and what could simply be his personality, I gave up on trying to fix his behavior a long time ago. Now the news of heartworms is way more than I can handle and afford, and I would like the option of re-homing him to give him a chance at a great life instead of putting him down. Positives: Levi loves people, he's very affectionate, gives kisses indefinitely, and will do anything for food. He's crate trained, has a lot of gameness, and knows several commands. Obedient. Very verbal. Very smart and emotive. Learns and loves routine. He can tell whether we're going to play fetch or whether I'm leaving based on what clothes I'm wearing. Overly sweet dog who never had a fair shot at a good life. Negatives: Levi becomes very difficult to command when he gets excited, he is extremely excitable. Mild crate and food aggression. Separation anxiety. Aggressive for attention. Barks through fences or at noises with little provocation, whines and yelps for attention. Very verbal about when he doesn't like something. Vets seem to all think he is a shepherd mix, I think he may have some sort of terrier in him. He has a few types of barks and his and tri-color coat make me wonder if there isn't some beagle in him, as well, but those ears never droop. He currently lives with two other dogs about his size. Behavior: Levi's time to shine is during fetch or athletic activity. He loves chasing his ball, which I throw with a chuck-it. He was once hit by a pickup truck hauling a boat. Ever the athlete, despite being shaken up and a little bloody, he got his ball and signaled that he wanted to go play fetch. I've taught him several commands, like "sit" "lay down" "put your head down (roll over)" "stay" "stop" "ok/go (for food or ball)" "wait (for food or ball)" "drop it (ball, sometimes even food)" and "crate". Levi likes to police, he tries to make the other dogs obey the rules, like keeping them from jumping on me or visitors, but only to break those rules himself, given the opportunity. He growls when others go near his food, but has never barked or bitten for food. He will get very protective of bones, however, so I never give him any treats he can't finish in a few bites. He Growls in defiance when told to go to his crate, but still obeys. Communicates with growls and teeth on hands, but doesn't bite. Levi is at his best when he is doing things with/for a person, regardless of what that is. He has a thing for eating paper and napkins. Levis shortcomings fall into what someone (like myself) who prefers a calmer companion would describe as, "too much dog". He is aggressively affectionate and verbal, to the point that he growls for attention. He runs everywhere he goes and is incapable of walking at a slow pace without first being exhausted. Left to his own devices, he gets antsy. He will occasionally grab paper or napkins off high places.He barks at noises with little provocation. He seems to think he's a guard dog. He barks through fences at people, even ones he knows. Once he recognizes them, he starts to yelp for attention. When I need a break from him, I tell him to go to his crate, at which point he growls in defiance, but still complies. He doesn't try to escape his crate, but he will paw at it to try to see if it's locked correctly. If I leave at a time of day he isn't accustomed to, he will howl, yell, bark, and cry until he thinks I'm gone, then settle down. I imagine Levi would have made a great hunting companion. Levi's current situation: Levi had a cut that needed stitches. I couldn't figure out how he got cut, but I could see his muscle was exposed. He tested weak positive for heartworms before the vet put him under for surgery. This was a big wake-up call for me. Between finances and my incompatibility with Levi, I've now realized how in over my head I am with him. He is currently in an e-collar with stitches, which will be removed 6/29/17. He needs a teeth cleaning, and I've just started slow-kill heartworm treatment. What/Who Levi needs: The slow kill option for heartworms requires that I keep him calm at all times. This is next to impossible. Levi settles down at 90% and is always ready to go to 110%. The only time he isn't energized is when he's asleep. The vet I most recently took him to described him as very intense and likened his heartbeat to a machine gun. Levi needs a ranch or place with a yard, continuous stimulus, and an experienced or very patient owner that is used to having a dog for a full time job. At the very least, Levi needs someone who loves him for his energetic traits rather than annoyed or frustrated by them. I can transport short-moderate distances. He's not great with car rides. Attached are his most recent shots, pictures, and invoice detailing his stitches and positive heartworm test/treatment This dog requires lots of mental or physical stimulation as well as an active lifestyle to be happy. His intelligence and energy need to be channeled or he will create his own outlet for them. Variety is the spice to life and in this dog's opinion there are too many wonderful things in the world to stay focused too long on just one, unless it is REALLY interesting. He is no coward, but takes a moment to assess new people and places before rushing headlong in. A little bit of caution is a good thing! He is very affectionate and doesn't hesitate to show it with cuddles and licks. He likes to be close to you as much as possible.  

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Age: Adult
Size: Large
Gender: Male
Location: Mansfield, TX
Altered: Yes

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