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Our dog and cat libraries are one of the largest available to date that aims to educate people on the pros and cons of specific breeds. Petadvisor, Inc. promotes, directs and persuades as many people as possible to adopt and rescue animals instead of purchasing a pure breed. We are here to help pet lovers make the right decision in choosing their pets. Our vision is to reduce the number of dogs and cats up for adoption and rescue.

We regularly update our database with new hybrids. Please feel free to contact us if you have breeds that are not in our database.


Why Adopting a Pet over Buying?

Are you looking to find the perfect animal companion to bring home? Finding a pet is truly a life-changing experience and a decision that should require serious planning. Adopting a pet is an exciting and fulfilling endeavor which is always different for each people and for each animal they adopt. This feeling is true for those who are adopting for the first time or those who are already pet owners and are looking to add another animal to their family. If you are seriously thinking of adopting a pet, it is imperative to understand every aspect of taking in an animal and taking care of them. Asking yourself what pet to look for starts by examining your lifestyle and personality and researching what type of animal suits who you are in general.

Are you single? Living with someone? Or perhaps a family with children? Do you have a full-time job? Can you provide the right amount of time attending to your future pet? These are just some of the big questions to ponder on before starting your pet adoption journey. Questions of where to go to get a pet will also come to play. From choosing if you'll adopt a pet at your local shelter or from other city pounds.

The important thing is to plan out how and when to get a pet. Understanding how and knowing when to get a pet into your life after careful planning benefits not just you but your future pet as well. Let be a part of that future. Find the perfect pet and the likely part of your family. Your journey starts here.

Find your Pet with PetAdvisor!

The world needs more rescuing than spending. The problem of pet overpopulation in today's world is one of our generation's biggest tragedies.

Every day, hundreds of pets from all across the planet are ending up homeless after being abused and abandoned. These animals are often owned by people who purchased them with all the intent to care and love these animals but only to end up neglecting them, discarding a living creature like throwing away old stuff that has lost its use.

The rate of animals that are put to shelters is epic in scale. Today, there are more animals abandoned than adopted. This force animal rescue organizations around the world to put them to sleep.

Although difficult to admit, choosing to buy a pet from breeders or pet shops is giving a hand on destroying an animal that you can otherwise rescue through adoption. Are you considering buying a pet? Are you ready to deprive an animal of his life when you can save its life?

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