Who we are and What we do

Petadvisor, Inc. is a privately funded non-profit organization that promotes Animal Welfare and Adoption by providing accessible, relevant, and up to date information to the general public using Internet technology.

Our dog and cat libraries is the largest available to date, which we update regularly with new hyrbrids. It helps educate people on the pros and cons of specific breeds in an effort to meet their expectations. This will help people make the right decision when adopting, reducing the number of dogs and cats up for adoption, by not choosing the wrong animal to begin with. Most importantly, Petadvisor, Inc. promotes, directs and persuades as many people as possible to adopt and rescue animals instead of purchasing a pure breed.

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest

The focal point of Petadvisor, Inc. is adoption and rescue of cats and dogs. When people choose to adopt instead of purchasing a purebred, they are saving lives. The web site also aims to keep pets healthy and to get them a permanent home.

The reviews on the site will improve veterinarians, breeders, and other professionals working with animals. When negative reviews are posted, it helps pet owners understand how their practices are seen by others. Animal professionals, breeders, and other pet related professionals will reevaluate how they do business. The positive and negative reviews will guide pet owners to choose professionals they would like to work with.

Petadvisor, Inc. allows people to report abuse and anonymously by post videos of the abuser in the act. This will prevent the abuser from repeating the same offense and will educate the viewers of the consequences. This can create greater awareness of right vs. wrong, and help prevent animal cruelty. The charged and convicted abuser database enables users to do a quick background check before letting an individual adopt. It can stop a convicted abuser from being a repeat offender.