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Advocate Animal Welfare, Promote Pet Adoption and Stop Animal Cruelty

The policies below are applicable to the’s web site located at, together with the other subdomains, social media accounts and pages as well as legally authorized affiliate sites, pages and blogs The public is advised that all and any practice described on PetAdvisor.,com’s Privacy Policy will and shall apply to information collected as well as submitted at’s website, email account or social media accounts.

It will and shall not be applicable to any and all data that may, have or will be submitted offline through our physical mailing address or webpages that are operated by organizations, companies, firms and other entities that may have link through us or we to them.’s visitors and viewers should understand that vising our organization’s website is tantamount to fully accepting all practices, rules and regulations, stated on this Privacy Policy page. The staff of Pet Advisor advises any or all Individuals, groups, companies to discontinue viewing any part, section, page and cotnent of if you have not fully read and disagree the declared terms on this Privacy Policy section.

Collection of information that may or may not be personal in nature, and some sensitive in content specially in the Report Abuse section, are understood submitted freely and voluntarily by subricbers, visitors and affiliates. This collection of data will enable the administrative staff, creative team, animal welfare advocates that are duly employed and working for to interact with its viewers, respond to any request or queries, deliver and distribute publications, media, emails, e-newsletters as well as safely and securely process guest submitted content and media to our website for the purpose of promoting animal welfare, pet adoption and the stoppage of animal cruelty and all forms of abuse, and laslty to competently respond, assist and accommodate any request for more information and complaints on any section on the entire website. is adamant to promote Animal Welfare and Pet Adoption as well as fight Animal Cruelty in any way. The passion and fervor regarding these matters also mirrors’s adherance to maintain and display the highest possible standards of practices that are considered ethical by the entire staff and board of directors of, ensuring that the continued operation will be dedicated in protecting the privacy of all and any guest,. viewer or affiliate of its website.

Except as stated and disclosed on the instances printed after this succeeding statement, together with all authorized and duly recognized employees are legally bound not to sell or exchange with non-monetary items, publish or give the general public access to any and all of our viewers, subscribers and affiliates personal information. Additionally we do not permit anyone outside the Pet Advisor organization’s rank and file to use any personal information shared, submitted and collected on this website:

Selected information that were given full consent and permission by their respective that are visitors and subscribers of may and can be used:

* In several occassions by individuals, ogranizations, third-party agents, subsidiaries and affiliates as well as partners and investors to perform duties and functions inorder to maintain the website. These duties and functions may include and not just limited to, aspects regarding content development, creative design, online marketing and analytics, website development and propramming, website maintenance and operations, public liasions and public relations on our behalf and knowledge. Any individual, groups, organizations and any entities that fall in the industry services mentioned can and may be given access to this site’s information by the so that they can effectively and completely perform their duties, services and functions, WITH a legal agreement signed and contractually renewed and obligated to maintain the secutiry and confidentially of all data, information and details that can and may be deemed personal in natuire, which are collected from the website. The legal agreement striclty restricts from these people or groups from altering in any way, distributing, selling and even just using for private viewing all these information in any way or form other than top perform the services and functions requested for the website.

* In instances that may be required by the law to use or disclose any personal information, with an understnading of good-faith that doing such is:
(a) necessary in order to avoid violations to any applicable legal statute and existing law in and out of the United States of Amiera.;
(b) necessary for compliance of legal procedures that may and can be ordered to the administrators of and websites;
(c) necessary for to rightly defend and protect the rights and property of its employees, properties and rights, the actual website as well as the users, subscribers and viewers;
(d) necessary and rightly act under circumstances, instances or situations deemed as emergencies that can pose a threat to the security and safety to any individual or the entire Pet Advisor organizaiont as well as those recognized by us as authorized affiliates, legal agents and accepted users and subscribers of the website in general.

Visitors, subscribers and users of should be informed that anonymous collection of information may, can and will be done for the purpose of developing tailored fit functionalities that caters to the interests and concerns of the general audience of this website. This is through data collection via “cookies”, a web development tool that is used to pinpoint what the viewers of popularly visits, the time spent on such sections and/or pages of the website and other related analytics that can provide vital data in improving viewer experience, website features and functionality. It can and will be functional and viewable without “cookies”. Blocking this features is not prohibited and easily done through the settings tab of the viisitor’s chosen browser.

The website was designed, built and rigorously maintained to strive for the protection of data transmission. This does not guarantee that warrants full-proof secured transmission as well ull-proof security and protection of any and all data that were and will be submitted by its visitors. These actions are at’s viewers and visitors risk.

Third-Party links may be seen all over’s website, visitors are advised that the practices stated on the websites Privacy Policy will not apply to data gathered throughout its website.

Furthermore, all data and details shared in’s public areas, forums and community page that may include any and all of the Reviews section, comments area on any or all enabled for comments articles will become public. The Privacy Policy of this website do not and will not apply to any and all information that has been made public by the visitor/s on these areas. Full disclosure is given to the visitor and a warning to “Think Before You Share” and be constantly reminded that personal information that is expected to be kept in private should not be posted., the main website, all subdomains, pages and sections is published, hosted and maintaind in areas that is under United States jurisdiction. This entails that the website is subject to existing Federal and State Laws of the USA. Visitors, viewers, subscribers and users residing or currently outside the United States that will freely and voluntarily submit personal information to the site must understand that doing so is providing full consent to the these information can and will be used generally but as provided to the declared Privacy Policy statement of, with transfers, storaging and accessing these types and kinds of personal information is done in accordance to the laws of the USA.

The Board of Directors, Administrators, Regular and Contractual Employees, Legal Representation and any other authorized personality or individual will not be held liable, under any circumstance, for damages incurred from the use of information gathered from the visitors location to the site.

PETADVISOR.COM deserve full rights to alter, ammend and completely change the Privacy Policies aforementioned on this page, to suitably reflect. among many other resons, all the changes deemed necessary tp be done and treated in the way information is collected from this websites visitors.

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First Published May 10, 2014