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Aidi Dog – Dog Breed Guide

Breed summary

Size: Large
Weight: 50 to 55 pounds
Height: 21 to 24 inches
Longevity: 12
Bark Tendency: High
Aggression: High
Compatibility to other pets: Medium


The Aidi dog breed is called by several names from Chien de l’Atlas, the Atlas Sheepdog, Atlas Shepherd Dog and the Atlas Mountain Hound. Regardless of what name you call this dog breed, the Aidi is one powerful, agile and hardworking herding dog.

Today, this mountain hound dog breed is also proving to be one of the best breeds trained as guide dogs for people with disabilities. Watch this very heartwarming video about an Aidi dog being trained to be a guide dog. This video also showcases the breed’s training competency.

Official Name

Aidi Dog
Other Name: Atlas Mountain Dog


Date – No precise date recorded
Country – Morocco
Family / Group – Working


The Aidi’s origin can be traced in Morocco as well as parts of the Sahara and some regions in Algeria, Libya and Tunisia. Although called a sheepdog, the Aidi never worked as a shepherd. They were generally bred as flock guards to protect livestock from predators such as wildcats or thieves. Choosing to adopt an Aidi dog is an excellent idea if you are looking for a perfect watchdog.

Aside from their other name Atlas Mountain dog, this breed is also called the Berber Dog, named after the nomadic Berber Tribe who hailed from Morocco. These tribes often utilize the Aidi to hunt, pairing it with the Sloughi, the North African breed of dog found in Morocco. But they are also famous for being the nomadic tribes’ reliable protector, guarding the camp’s perimeter at night.


The Aidi dog is known to be generally docile and very protective of his family/owners. When choosing to adopt an Aidi dog, expect to have a pet dog that has a faithful and affectionate nature. This breed of dog is also a great family watchdog for their trait on being constantly alert for danger together with a fearless, curious and easy to train characteristics.

Bred For

Aidi dogs are working dogs that protect as well as hunt. Today, they are slowly becoming house pets and companions in rural areas.


Perfect for rural settings with large spaces to move and work. The Aidi is not exactly an apartment type of dog.


Once a week – Low maintenance when it comes to grooming.


Their sensitive nature requires kind but firm training hands.


For a rare type of dog, the Aidi Dog breed shows no major health issues. If you want to adopt an Aidi Dog, it is very important to have all vaccinations as wells as heartworm and de-wormings procedures are done. Also, have your vet check for hip dysplasia as well. Generally, the Aidi is one healthy dog as a breed with only obesity being the primary health issue.


The Aidi Dog is naturally gifted with a high level of energy. Failure to release this high energy will turn them restless and eventually destructive. Be ready to have long daily walks and regular exercise sessions with your rare dog breed if you do opt to adopt an Aidi.



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